Today started out earlier than yesterday. We left the hotel at 8:15 after breakfast. We again rode the metro (which was very crowded due to rush hour) to the Nation Zoo. We spent several very hot and tiring hours walking around.

After a quick lunch at McDonalds (again), back on the metro to the US Navy Yard. There we went to the Navy Museum.


They also had a destroyer on display. The USS Barry.

We did a lot of stinkin’ walking today so we went back to the hotel to chill until dinner. Then we walked to a local Fuddruckers where we had dinner and I chatted with Doyle on the phone.

No, it is 6:40 pm and we are in for the night. We have to start early again tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Vicky….I can’t believe President Bush chose Putin over Michael! When are you visiting the White House? I want to be sure to catch the news that evening…hahaha.

  2. Good morning, Stephen and Michael! It is so exciting seeing the sights you are seeing and remembering very well the time I was there at the age of 15 with my parents. The places do not look a day older in your pictures. Of course, I am thinking of the buildings, not all the airplane and space stuff. Of course, it was not there then. You truly look like you are enjoying yourselves. That is great!! I am so proud of you as I see you enjoying and growing. I am glad your dad is putting all this on the internet. It is really neat. I love you.

  3. Looks like you guys are living it up! I’ve noticed there aren’t many pictures of you and Vicky together. Maybe you should let the boys take some pictures of you guys. No one is going to believe you two were there at the same time. HA! I especially like the pictures of the zoo and the monuments. I’m sure the most popular ones for the boys have been the airplanes. It looks you guys are really having fun. I know that you wish we were all there with you, sorry we couldn’t come. Don’t worry Craig I’ve been taking over for you while you’ve been gone. I guess that means you’ll have a lot to do when you come back (job security). You can thank me later. Bye for now.

  4. Things are looking GOOD. Stephen that dinosaur’s mouth would just about fit you!!!! I’ve been watching the news off and on. I think the president is in D.C. so a lot of news is coming from there. ((((He’ll probably have on a blue tie on by the way—he always does!!!))))
    Love to all of you–

  5. I just can’t believe that Putin put that other little kid’s tummy over Micheal’s tummy!

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