We were up and ready at 8:15 this morning. We ate breakfast at the hotel,IMG_1060
then off to the Metro. After a train change, we arrived at Smithsonian station on the blue/brown line.

We stopped off at the Smithsonian Castle. This was the original Smithsonian museum. It has a lot of info about all the various museums.

After, we went right to the…

We spent a couple of hours see all that stuff.


We then went on a bus to the second Air & Space Museum out at Dulles Airport where we spent a couple more hours.


We rode a bus back to the museum on the mall where we got back on the metro to our hotel. After a short rest, we walked to the Chinatown area down the street for dinner. Now we are back in for the night (8:15pm EST).

More tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Hey, Micheal, that ice cream cone is actually Texas size!!! You look like you can handle it though. Stephens breakfast looks pretty tasty,too. I know you all are having a blast and making good use of your time. Tomorrow will be a good day for you. You will be in a very special place where very special people are. Keep your eyes open–you might even see the President of the United States. Michael, the president we have now was elected just after you were born! He is from TX and I was there listening to the results and problems on TV. If you all see him and get to say something, tell him your Ah Maw says “Howdy”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey guys–

    Sounds like you are having a great time–we love the pictures and want to hear more about all the adventures when you get back. I’m still trying to figure out the whole train thing–what’s it like, how crowded was it, doesn’t Craig know they sell postcards of the places you were passing in the middle of the night. Tell Stephen and Cupcake that we say ‘hi’ and that Brock really likes the pictures of them with the airplanes.

  3. No, not a Stealth Bomber. That is a Blackhawk spy plane. They were used to fly high and fast and take pics of the Soviet Union. They have all been retired.

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