Category: 2006 – YouthWAVE

Wednesday, June 21st

My mom and dad came to visit on Wednesday. We first went and watched the Amtrak Texas Eagle come through town.

It was due at 10:23 AM but did not show until around 12:15. We had a good time visiting while we waited. After, we went to lunch at Fuddruckers. We then went to the Capitol building.

We also stopped by the Capitol visitor center where Stephen had some fun…

We had a good day together. Glad they could come visit.

We are in Austin

We left Amarillo this morning at 8:00.

We left before the youth group but after a stop they caught us and passed us. We floowed them for about an hour then they stopped and we never saw them again.

We arrived in Austin around 5:00. After moving into our rooms we went to Freebirds for dinner. Now we are back in our rooms for the night.

That is all for today.