Started early again today. We slipt up to two different locations to get same day tickets to sites. After that, we made our White House visit. George was not around but we got to see some of his house. It was very cool to be inside such a historical building. Too bad they don’t allow camera’s.

After a quick lunch, we went to the Bureau of Engraving where they prints lots of money. No pictures there either except in the gift shop.


After that, it was off to the Washington Monument. We were a bit early and had to wait in the heat.


Here we are inside waiting for the elevator.


And at the top with the very small windows.


When we came down, it changed from very hot to very wet. We got over to the Museum of American History.

Dorothy’s ruby slippers…
Lincoln’s top hat…
Cool Southern steam engine…
Michael with a new friend…

After, it was back in the light train to the metro and to our hotel.

Here are a few other pics that are interesting…
Union Station
Waiting for the metro…
President Bush leaving on Marine One…

More tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. It looks and sounds like you had a busy day!!!! I bet you all rest good tonight. I hope you are ready to go again in the morning though. It was really hot here today too. I saw the President earlier and he actually had on a RED tie!!!!!! He left the country today too —maybe that was the helicopter trip. Don’t get too tired to enjoy it all—Keep your eyes open and ENJOY!!! It will be over too fast

  2. Do they sell money at the engraving gift shop? Please get me some of that as my gift from your trip. I like money.

  3. Craig….looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. I am glad you sent the link that is allowing us to follow along with you. Tell the family “hello” and keep enjoying your trip! God bless…..


  4. I’m still not sure I’m putting this where it should be. I talked to Vicky this morning as you all left the Wawhington House and she said she enjoyed it most of all so far. I know what she means since we went through the Lincoln house!!! She said it was extremely HOT though. According to the weather on line the temperature did not look that high. I guess it is just a different kind of heat. Your trip is passing in a hurry so enjoy all of it and you can enjoy the A/C tonight or when you get home. LOTS of Memories and lots of fun. Just take a look at everything you pass and make lots of pictures!!!!

  5. Craig, your program is talking back to me—just like everybody else!! I must have submitted it twice because it said “It looks like you already said that!!! “OK, so I repeat myself Stupid computer any way————

  6. Cool pixs. I like the old SR steam engine…looks like it’s in the Cresent colors. Did you bring me a free sample of the ‘merchandise’ they make at the mint??? Union Station is such a great edifice and a throwback to the good ole days of passenger railroading. You all keep having lots of fun!!!

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