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Coming Home

Our last day started early with breakfast at 6:30. After that we stepped of the train in Texarkana. Here is Michael with one foot in Arkansas and one in Texas (approx.).

We pulled into Fort Worth right on time.

We took an Uber back to back to our friends house where we got our car and headed back to Amarillo.

We got home around 7:45.

It was a good trip and we were happy to go places and see things we have never seen before.

Until next year. 

Returning On Amtrak

The day started early. We left our final hotel at 6:15am and walked a couple of hundred yards to the train station next door. It was raining, but fortunately no heavily. 

Michael at the Dearborn Station. 

Our train was on time. We were in business class on this train. It was about a five hour trip to Chicago. 

We arrived into Chicago Union Station and went to leave our bags in the Metropolitan Lounge. Then we walked down the street to Lou Mitchell’s for lunch. 

Our next train, the Texas Eagle, boarded and left right on time at 1:45. As usual, we are in sleeper. We have two small roomettes. 

We just hung out and relaxed and let Amtrak do the driving. We eventually went to dinner and all had steak and shrimp.

We had an extended stop in St Louis. 

After that stop, I made everyone’s bed and time to get some sleep to the sways of the train. 

Last Day In Michigan

Today was a slow day. We slept in a little and then checked out of hotel number four. We then went to play not one, but TWO escape rooms.

The place we went needed to reschedule is later so they gave us a second room for free. We got out of both of them even with the second only having an 18% escape rate.

We were planning on the zoo after that but we got lots and lots of rain. So we grabbed some lunch and drove back to hotel number one that is next door to the train station. We had some pizza delivered while I went and returned the rental car.

Now we are settling in to get to bed early cause the train leaves at 6:50am. Oh, and a good chance of rain so it could be an interesting walk to the station.

No pictures today so here is one of me and of the little guy we are all missing.

Greenfield Village

Today was all Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford.

Train ride.

We took a ride in a horse drawn bus. Then a model T bus and while we were on that who walked by? Mo Rocca.

Turns out they were filming today for Innovation Nation which is a show I watch on Saturday mornings.

We happened upon him several time around the place.

And then we were able to get a pic with him.


We got to ride in some Model T’s

Stephen tried walking with some ducks.

This was a courthouse that Abraham Lincoln worked as a lawyer.

While we were watching some filming going on, a group of people walked up. I saw one guy who I thought looked like someone who would be famous, but I did not know who or take a picture. Found out later it was JJ Abrams. Yup, he was there.

It was a long, tiring day, but we loved it. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Detroit.


Today was pretty simple. We slept in a little later then checked out of hotel number three. On our way back to the states, we stopped off to see a Canadian destroyer from World War II.

After that is was just the drive back to the good ole USA. We went over the bridge this time instead of the tunnel.

After crossing the border, we went and checked into hotel number four. We went and got dinner at some Tai place and then back to the hotel to rest up for tomorrow.


We started the day on the subway again heading downtown. Then to the aquarium.

We found him.

Then a quick lunch and then we stopped by the railroad museum.

Then on the subway again to go a little ways north where we went to Casa Loma castle.

We had a final ride in the subway back to our car and then to our hotel for a bit. Then we left to go do an escape room. It was a lot of fun and we did well. We got out with 10 minutes to spare.

Then back to the hotel. Earlier than other nights so hopefully get some extra rest. Tomorrow, we head back to our homeland.

Niagara Falls

We started the morning EARLY. Leaving the hotel before 6:00. We swung by McDonalds since the hotel was not serving breakfast yet. We went back to the subway for the long ride in to downtown.

At Union station we boarded a Via train (think Canada’s version of Amtrak) for a two hour ride to Niagara Falls. Some sleeping was done on the train.

When we arrived we went straight to do Niagara’s Fury. It was an interesting indoor presentation on how the falls were formed. It requires ponchos!

Then we went to the behind the falls tour. Pictures were difficult because of lighting, but we went through tunnels behind the falls.

We grabbed lunch and then went to the Hornblower Cruise to the base of the falls.

We chose to not get soaked.

Then back to the train station for the two hour ride back to Toronto and back to the hotel to get some rest.

And now, some misc pictures from today…

O Canada

We had a slow start today. Took it slow cause we were not in a hurry.

We checked out of hotel number two and hit the road towards Toronto. We went through a tunnel under the river.

Then went through 20 questions with Canada officials and we were officially out of the country.

The drive to Toronto was actually quite boring. And slow! Max speed is 100kph wich is like 60mph. Making that adjustment has been interesting.

We ate lunch in London at some Canadian place called Wendy’s.

we got to our hotel around 4. Then left soon after to get on the Subway to go downtown.

There we went to Roger’s Centre to see the Astros! They ended up killing the local team.

Subway back to car and then back to hotel. Have. Early start tomorrow. Good night.

The Henry Ford

After a quick breakfast at the hotel, we drove to The Henry Ford museum. We first went and took the Ford Rouge factory tour where they build F150’s. 

Then back to the museum.

For my good friends…

The car Kennedy was asassinated in…

The bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Michael is in her seat. 


And finally, Stephen playing the role of the hot dog…

This museum is HUGE. We are pretty tired of all the walking. We left around three and headed back to the hotel to relax. 

We ran to Boston Market for dinner and then back to the hotel for the night. 

Arriving Dearborn

Our train got in to Dearborn at 11:50pm. We walked next door to our hotel and went to bed. We took the morning slow to catch up on sleep, but I did go at 8:30 to get our rental car. 

We checked out of that hotel at 11:30, got some lunch and then headed to the Motown Museum. No pics allowed inside but it was a fascinating tour. 

We then drove over to the Ford Piquette Avenue plant. This is the first place Ford built the model T. Interesting stuff. The best was us running into one of the board members who showed us a bunch of cool historical stuff and even some behind the scenes stuff. I think he could tell I was a history buff. 

So then we headed back to Dearborn and checked into our second hotel. The first was  a nessesity because of the late arrival, not one I would have normally picked. Not bad, but not great either. Anyway, our second hotel is much better and much more room. 

After a dinner at Panera, off to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play the Giants. 

We did not stay to then end but it was 5-4 Giants after seven. 

Back to the hotel and to bed to rest up for tomorrow.