Day 5 – New York Birthday

Today was my birthday and what better way to spend it than on vacation in New York.

We started this morning by going to the Museum of Natural History. By the way, it is nothing like the one on the movie. Even so, it did have a bunch of cool stuff including a full scale model of a blue whale. The picture does not do it justice. The thing is HUGE. Much bigger than I imagined.


Here are some more pics from the museum…



Dum-Dum. Got any gum-gum?

We left the museum for lunch. Found a local joint called the Firehouse. Pretty good. We went back to the museum after lunch for a little bit, then off to Central Park.



Then to the Central Park Zoo…



After that, we went back to Grand Central to grab some dinner. We were really tired so we just wanted something easy. On our way to the Subway we passed this place.

Picture NOT TAKEN WITH MY iPhone…

And FAO right next door…

We then went to Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock…


Michael checking out Central Park…


And we passed by this place…

This is another night that we are BEAT. Our vacation is now half over. Only two more days of NYC before we get back on the train.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 – New York Birthday

  1. Nancy & Red shared your blog with me. We are in same Sunday night house church and go to Downtown together. They share their garden with us!! Love your family!

    I’ve enjoyed your daily entries. Someday I hope to talk my husband of 36 years into going! Great blog!!

  2. —-glad to see Kary posted. —-great friend, good woman!!!
    Well, Craig unless I overlooked it, I still am not sure what you had for birthday dinner—I’m sure by that time, it really did not matter a lot!! You got a lot of attention by asking for help anyway–
    If I remember correctly, this is the evening for the ballgame…that should be great (hope it doesn’t rain). I guess this is one of those things I’m supposed to wait and see about.
    It sounds like you are covering a lot of ground but there is so much to see. You all should have found a TV show to break in on (we might have seen you on TV) I’m glad you all got some pics of you & Vicky together.Stephen and Michael, I hope you all are enjoying and will be able to remember all you have seen. This is a good learning experience. Don’t let Kary fool you though—they travel a lot—a lot of other countries with his work but they have family in NM (if I’m not mistaken) so they are from your corner of the world.
    Have another good day. Have you been to China Town? Can Michael speak Chinese for you? Be safe and take it all in. God Bless and we love you all. I have tried to see on Goodgle what all there is to see and it is overwhelming—just keep going!!

  3. This blog IS being read by my Mac Conputer!! Thanks for throwing in the Apple pix! Glad you at last have come around to at least ONE Apple product! What GREAT pictures and what a fun jam packed day you all had! I’m happy you had a great birthday and it will certainly one you will not forget. I loved the pics with the empire state building in the background….what a great view! Continue to have tons of fun! Love to all!

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