Day 4 – Jumping Into to New York City

Wow. What a long day.

We started off early and got to the World Trade Center site around 9:00. We walked all around. Not much to really see other than that it is a construction site.

I caught Michael trying to make friends with this guy…

We also saw a real interesting parking lot. It makes use of the vertical space.P1000379

We then learned something about the New York Subway. Our plan was to get four 7-day passes for unlimited Subway use. Well, it seems that the kiosks you have to buy them from only allow two transaction per credit card PER DAY. AND, there is no way to buy more than one card per transaction. Is that not ridiculously stupid? I have two credit cards, however, PATH tickets to get us from NJ to NYC use the same machines and I had already used one card on those.

We eventually got them all which included using most of the cash we had. Stopped my an ATM and my debit card from my bank was declined and of course it is Sunday so nothing I can do about that until Monday. Of all the things I worried about in making plans, two things I never dreamed would be problems. Oh well.

We then headed out to the New York Fire Department museum.


After that, we took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.

We decided to be adventurous for lunch on the island…

Can you believe they have a KFC and Taco Bell in the same place? What the big city folk can come up with. (yes, I am joking)

We then went to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. A very cool museum showing the history of New York train transit system. They also had a huge inventory of historic subway cars. It is housed in an old subway station. Here are some pics…





We then caught the subway to Grand Central Terminal.




We ate dinner in the food court in Grand Central.

Then, we stopped by Times Square…


Then back the hotel to collapse in our beds (and me to type in this report.

More tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Day 4 – Jumping Into to New York City

  1. I want to buy a subway ticket from Michael and then ride on Stephen’s bus. They look good in their “jobs” as ticket agent and bus driver! I love the way you all get so much sightseeing crammed into a day…it is very exciting to follow along. Be safe and continue to have a great time! Love you all!

  2. —sounds like you are walking and seeing a lot!! Pop Paw said to ask Michael if that man would play with him at all!!! —bad to be without money though—HUH??especially in NYC!!! There is a lot of ground to cover I’m sure. I guess that motel was a good thing to see when you got back to it. We will be waiting to see where you go today. I hope you all have went walking a lot before you went up there. Love to all—keep safe—(keep Michael away from strange men)—you are not in Kansas now. There are a lot of strange people there—probably no worse than at home –just more of them.ENJOY and see all you can—
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN CRAIG–you probably aged another year yesterday

  3. Happy birthday, Craig! Hello and love to the fam. Are ya’ll going to a baseball game?

    See you soon!

  4. Okay…sing with me….

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Craaaaigggg.
    Happy birthday to you….and many mooooore!

  5. Wow what a day! I know ya’ll are having so much fun. I can’t believe how tall Stephen has gotten! Gee maybe I won’t get rid of all my credit cards 🙂

    Happy Birthday to you Craig!

    Vicki you look great! Keep all your boys in check 🙂

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