Day 6 – To the Bronx We Go

Okay, we started the day in Manhattan. We went to the Intrepid Museum where they have an aircraft carrier (Intrepid), submarine and a Concorde jet on display.

We spent a couple of hours there. Here is the submarine…


Then on the Intrepid…






After grabbing some slices (and Stephen a couple of dogs), we hit the subway and headed to the Bronx. We first went to the Bronx Zoo.





After that, we got back on the subway and headed to Yankee Stadium. We were bummed when the subway left the underground to the elevated track. It was pouring rain.

We hung out in the subway station for a little, then pulled out our umbrellas and got into the stadium.


After an hour of rain delay, the game started about 8:00.




We had to leave after the 4th inning cause it was getting really late.


Old Yankee Stadium right next door…

We took a LONG subway ride back to Manhattan, then transferred to PATH back to Newark Penn Station.


Since rain was predicted for all week, we have been very fortunate that this has been our only run in with rain so far.

Only one more day on New York.

One thought on “Day 6 – To the Bronx We Go

  1. Well, folks, it is almost over. The train ride will be good to sit and look out the windows with all those memories running around in your tired heads. We are glad the rain only got you that short time—at least you were prepared. —-hope this last day is eventful and you can cover a lot of ground. We don’t know what time your train leaves tomorrow, but I’m sure there will be mixed emotions getting back on there—-looking forward to the trip with so much anticiaption and now behind you so I guess it is time to start planning for next year.
    Craig got a year older while he was gone and today is a new month for all of us—-looking forward to our trip the end of the month–Care take and God Bless. Love to all

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