Almost forgot…

We sat down on the Duck tour today and the guy across the isle had an Astros hat on. I asked if they were from Houston, they said yes. I said we were originally from Houston. What part of town did they live in? "Cypress. " Turns out they go to a church called West Houston Church of Christ! They know Alan & Rhonda and remembered us from WH! Their last name is Woodell (sorry, can’t remember their first names). What are the stinkin chances of that happing?

Course, since it was Sunday morning, I got on for to them for not going to church.

3 thoughts on “Almost forgot…

  1. Sounds like you are having fun. One question though…what church did YOU go to this morning!

    Love you guys!

  2. From a WHCC person I do know David and Pam Woodell. You never know when you will meet someone you know. That happened to us in Europe! It’s fun when it does.

  3. Ya’ll could’ve taken communion right there on the boat and it would’ve counted!

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