We started the morning at 5wits show called The Tomb. It is an interactive adventure show which leads you through a tomb where you have to figure out puzzles and stuff to get out. Stephen loved it! He was running around like a madman figuring everything out.

We then hit the Freedom Trail which is a brick trail that leads you to many historical sites.

State House

Cemetery where Samuel Adams and Paul Revere are buried.

Paul Revere’s house.

This is the church where the dude hung the lanterns (One if by land, two if by sea).

We then got a little time to relax back at the hotel before heading to Fenway for a Red Sox game against the Diamondbacks.

It started raining after we got there and the tarp was on the field. Fortunately our seats were under the cover. The rain let up and they got the game started about 7:30. Fenway is a cool experience. It is almost like the fans feel like they can really make a difference on the field. I do not know a whole lot about the Red Sox, but I thought Josh Beckett was a soccer player. Also, someone actually named their kid Coco Crisp. Coco Crisp. They named him Coco Crisp. He plays center field for the Sox.

Anyway, the Sox lost 2-1. It was fun anyway. The park was very full and seemed full of tradition. Very cool.

We did a lot of walking today and have quite a bit tomorrow so I better get to bed. More tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. The walking trip is what the other girls took that I didn’t get to do because of my broken foot. I saw it all from our tour, but not inside.
    My Kevin is a baseball fan and LaDonna or I always have to pick up a baseball cap when we travel. Once while on a business trip, LaDonna took a taxi to the stadium, got out, ran up to the gift shop, bought a baseball cap, jumped back in the taxi and headed for the airport. She didn’t dare go home without a cap. DH

  2. I love the pictures! It looks like Michael was having a great time on the Duck Tour, and I can see Stephen loving The Tomb adventure. But Coco Crisp? Not a good cereal but a great name for an athlete apparently. I bet you’ll remember it…unlike Josh Beckett. Take note of your favorite places; maybe someday we’ll go to Boston.

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