We started a little later today, leaving the hotel at 8:15. We went and got on the Boston Duck tours. They use old WWII era DUKW’s that have wheels and also can go in water. We got a 90 minute Boston tour.

Stephen even got to drive when we were in the water.

After the tour, we went to a nearby mall and grabbed some lunch in the food court. Then we went and spent a couple of hours at the Museum of Science and Natural History.

We then went over to the Boston Aquarium and saw a bunch of fish. Oh, they also had penguins.

We finished there a little too early for dinner, so we walked around downtown a bit. We ran across a street performing group from New York that was dancing and other cool stuff. They are called Team Breeze (Youtube video )

We then caught the train back towards our hotel and stopped at a local Mexican place for dinner. Now we are back and Vicky is down the street doing some laundry.

Amtrak called me today. They said some track construction is going on between Boston and Albany so we will have a bustitution. DOH!!! On a good note, chances are good the train we were bussed for on the way here will be running again by Thursday. Its not yet, but I have read is should be.

3 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. OK, so what’s with the stinking Red Sox cap? Don’t you know that they are coming to Houston next week for their first ever trip here to play the ‘stros. Yea..Astros…Boo Sox!

    I enjoyed all the pictures. Stephen makes a good Duck captain. Glad you are finding some ‘local color’ in your dining choices. P.S. I DON’T consider MacD’s as ANY shade of local color! 🙂

    Continue having a great time. I am enjoying following your exploits.

    Love to all.

  2. Craig & Vicky:
    Glad ya’ll made it. I thought about you going through the flooded areas.
    Have a great time!

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