Day 3

We started early again going to breakfast at 6:30. However, the dining car was packed with people who had found out they would be off the train at Denver. All of the stops between Denver and Salt Lake City would be missed by the train so they would be on buses.

The trained stopped in Denver for about 30 minutes where we got off and walked around. A lot of people got off here to go get on a bus because the reroute was missing some big stops. By the way, they washed the windows right after this pic.


We finally got into breakfast around 9:00. Again, French toast for everyone.


The boys and I once again went to the lounge car to play Monopoly and I also met a guy from my online Amtrak forums ( who happened to be on the same train. We played and visited until lunch.

After lunch we retired to our rooms where everyone else took naps while I caught up on the blog.



For dinner, we all had steak except Michael who had a hot dog.

We arrived into Salt Lake City right around 10:00. We had over an hour there so Stephen and I got off to explore a little while Vicky and Michael went to bed.

Our train…


Salt Lake City commuter train…


We reboarded around 10:45 and turned in for the night. This was to be the best night sleep yet for me.

2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. The train’s food is delicious. Me personally, I love there hot dogs, but the bun=way too hard. The French toast is spectacular!!!! But the sausage is always burned. Yesterday I has this “adult” Mac and cheese ( what they call it) it was disgusting!! So then today I got a tremendous angus burger! You won’t believe how good it was! In the hotel right now. Just went to in and out burger! (sorta) yummy.

  2. I think Michael is becoming a very good food critic! Made me hungry for french toast! Am enjoying the pictures. Glad all is going well.

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