Day 4

Wow, day four and we are still talking about trains. Is that a vacation or what?

I woke up early because we gained another hour in Pacific time. We were all up by 6:30 where we again went to eat.

Soon after breakfast we arrived in Reno where we stepped off for a few minutes.


Well, we all almost stepped off…


Back to our rooms to enjoy some nice scenery. Course, Stephen is watching a movie and Michael is playing on Vicky’s iPhone.

Around 11:00 we headed to the lounge to play another game of Monopoly and wait for lunch. We all had burgers.

After lunch, things went fast. We started arriving early at stops and before you know it we were pulling into Emeryville (across the bay from San Francisco) where we got off the train for good with all our luggage. We then boarded a bus for a quick ride to SF.


While everyone else waited to get our bags, I ran to Walgreens to by our MUNI pass. We then boarded a streetcar and went to our hotel. It was nice to finally dump all our luggage.

We then went right next door to In-N-Out Burger for dinner. Then to Walgreens for a few items and back to the room to rest up and prepare for our next four days of San Francisco!

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. My mom made me get off at the stop!! I did want to! I was in the middle of a game. But I was glad I did! Driving into San Francisco was awesome!! We saw this humongous bow and arrow and we saw alcatraz from a distance. Cant wait to go tomorrow!!!!

  2. Michael, how big is “humongous”? That looks like one of your moms “words with friends” words–probably lots of points there!!!
    So glad you are finally in San Fran—where it is cooler—–so HOT, HOT here. No fireworks here this year for anyone! I will be looking for your post. Guess you will not have train french toast this a.m. but moving on with trip. Hope you see a lot and have have a lot of fun!!! Ah-Maw

  3. Well, it’s back to civilization and eating ‘land food’ again. Glad your trip to SF went smoothly. Have lots of fun sight-seeing there. Enjoy the nice weather! Love to all.

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