Day 2

We started the day early somewhere in Kansas. We went to breakfast at 6:30. French toast all around.

Soon after breakfast we stopped in Kansas City where we got to step off the train for 20 or so minutes.


After we reboarded, the boys and I went to the lounge and played Monopoly on the iPad.


I won, of course. Then more hanging out in the room.


Because out train was running an hour late, we had time to get lunch on the train. I had a Cuban sandwich and everyone else had a burger.


Soon after lunch, we arrived in Galesburg, Il. This is when we heard the nasty rumor that we would be on a bus from Denver to Salt Lake City due to wildfires in Colorado. I demanded positive thoughts.


Just so happens there is a small rail museum right next to the depot and since we had about about three hours to kill, the boys and I went to check it out.



Stephen and I trekked to a local store to get a few items and it was way HOT. But we survived. After that, we hung out waiting for our next train, the California Zephyr #5. It arrived right on time at 4:18pm.

No one on board knew anything about a bus or a possible reroute. I guess that was good news.

After dinner, I decided to go ahead and take a shower. There is nothing quite like taking a shower on a train moving 79mph. Needless to say, you use the grab bar. After me, the rest of the family showered as well.


By the time we got to Omaha, the news was in (from my online sources). Our train was to be rerouted so there would be no bus for us. While we do miss out on the Rockies, at least we will stay on the train.

I think we all slept better the second night, I know I did.

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  1. The connection was on time…that’s a good thing. Glad the situation remained a train all the way, but sorry you didn’t get to see the rockies. I, of course, liked the train museum.

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