Day 8 & 9 – Returning Home Part II

Our train left Washington DC right on time at 4:05. We settled right into our rooms. We had a late lunch so we made 6:00 dinner reservations.


After dinner, we made a quick stop at Cumberland, Maryland where Stephen and I stepped off the train for a couple of minutes.


After than, Vicky and Michael made their beds and turned in. Stephen and I stayed up a bit later.

We all slept pretty well. I woke up a few times to see us stopped at at stations like Pittsburgh and Toledo. We got up a little after 6:00 to get breakfast. Because of our early arrival into Chicago, they do not have very long to serve.


After breakfast, back to our rooms to hang out until our arrival into Chicago. The skies were quite grey and looked like it might rain. which does not effect us on the train, but could effect what we do in Chicago.


We arrived in Chicago about 30 minutes late at 9:00.


Our train to Lamy departs at 3:15 so we had about 6 hours to kill. Fortunately, we have the Metropolitan Lounge to hang out in (lounge for sleeper car passengers).


Six hours seems like a long time, and it is, but it is just not long enough to get out and do anything in Chicago. Just cannot risk missing our train.

Not sure if I will get to make another post before we return home tomorrow. There is a chance, but probably not. I will wrap up tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Day 8 & 9 – Returning Home Part II

  1. Well, since I had a chat with some of you while you were in Chicago, I knew you were there. It is 2:13 now so you are probably getting ready to head out again. —hope you have a good trip on in to Ramy and have a safe trip home tomorrow…..we’ll be loking forward to hearing from you all then…..HAVE A HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!

  2. It’s nice to have all those first class lounges to hang out in at the stations. Six AM is nice an early for breakfast and Michael looks at ease in the big lounge chair. Have a good 4th and a safe and fun journey.

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