Day 9 & 10 – Our Last Train Home

We boarded our last train this trip around 2:45 for a 3:15 departure. We had a little different room setup this time around. We had one of the small rooms like we normally have, but because of the pricing when I bought the tickets, it was only a few more dollars to get our second room as a larger bedroom.


It has a enclosed bathroom and counter/sink built right in the room so I did the gentlemanly thing and let Vicky have the nicer room. It had nothing to do with the fact I knew the kids would much rather be in that room than the smaller one.

We made 6:00 reservations for dinner. I know, it seems like all we do on the trains is sit then eat, sit then eat, sleep then eat. Well, that is true. What a way to travel!

We went to dinner at 6. Vicky had the beef dish, I had the roasted chicken, Stephen had a hot dog and Michael cheese pizza.

We returned to our rooms where I spent some time visiting with the guy across the hall. It is weird not having Vicky and Michael over there, but cool I finally get a chance to talk with someone. He was only staying on until Kansas City (10:15 that night).

Vicky and Michael turned in around 8:30 but Stephen and I stayed up to step off the train in Kansas City.


After the stop, we boarded and hit our beds. Slept pretty well.

Got up around 6:00 to go shower and get dressed. Someone was using the shower so I decided it could wait till we got home that night.

Everyone else got up and we headed to breakfast around 7:00. Railroad French Toast all around.

After breakfast, the boys and I hung out a while in the lounge car.



We got to step off the train for 15 minutes or so in La Junta, CO.


Then on through the Raton Pass. Some of the best scenery on this route. Michael was really impressed…

After a quick stop in Raton where we stepped off again…

It was time to eat again! Our last meal on the train. I had a pastrami and cheese sandwich, Vicky had a salad, Stephen a hot dog and Michael had chicken strips. We all a slice of Snickers cake for dessert. (Yes, I am going to have a bunch of weight to re-lose starting Sunday)

Then back to our rooms for the final leg of our train trip. We will stop in Las Vegas (NM) and then our stop in Lamy.


Our train arrived into Lamy about 40 minutes late. We arrived into Amarillo at about 9:30 pm.

5 thoughts on “Day 9 & 10 – Our Last Train Home

  1. Well, it was good to hear from you all last night and know you were almost home. I thought you would be back earlier and thought I was going have to come look for you. We are so thankful you had such a good trip and are home safely. Craig, it sounds like you planned that 2 room thing pretty good—one for you and one for Vic and the boys!!! I’m glad you finally got to talk to somebody besides Vicky—but just remember, she may be glad, too. In that one pic of Michael, he looks like “well, it is almost over!!” He seemed to be soaking it all in. I hope you all have a good Sunday and Vicky, you the one who has to be back in the office tomorrow so maybe the men folk should handle whatever has to be done today!!!! Love to all and we are thankful you had a chance for the trip and being together all week. God bless!!!
    I think we about have ur arrangements made for the end of the month so I’ll let you know later—

  2. It sounds like a great trip. I love to ride the trains; but it has been a while. Ty and Wade think that would be a good trip for us to take them on someday. Glad ya’ll had a good family vacation.

  3. What a GREAT trip! Glad you are all home safe and sound. I really enjoyed ‘traveling’ along with you and enjoying the pictures. You all looked great in all the pictures and I know you had another very memorable train vacation trip. Love to all!!

  4. Glad you are home. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trips. I’m forwarding your e-mails to Greg. I told him I didn’t know the trains were so great here in the US. We’ll have to look into it.

    Thanks for letting us share your trip.


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