Chicago to Boston & Day 1

We boarded our next train in Chicago at about 8:45 and got settled into our rooms.

This train is different from every other train we have ridden. Instead of the two level Superliners they use on western routes, this is a single level train.

The sleeper rooms are very similar to the superliners with a few differences, most notable the inclusion of a toilet and sink in every room.

All sleeper passengers are invited to a wine and cheese tasting in the diner before the train leaves the station. Vicky and I got hammered and went to bed to sleep it off. Okay, not really, just Stephen and Michael got hammered. Okay, for real we all just had the non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider.

After, we had our rooms converted for sleeping and hit the pillows. Everyone slept real well. I did not sleep too much, but more than last night. I decided to get up early, shower and be ready to step off the train in Cleveland for a few minutes. We arrived into Cleveland about 15 minutes early (5:50 am). I stepped off for about 20 minutes while the rest of my family was still hung over, er, I mean sleeping. The station is right next to the Cleveland Browns stadium.

After getting back on, I enjoyed quietly watching America roll by. Stephen finally woke up and I went with him down the hall to get a shower. By the way, this was our first times to take showers on the train. Interesting experience showering on a moving train.

Vicky and Michael finally got up and we all went to breakfast. The dining car on this train ain’t near as nice as the others. Like I said, it is single level so there is not near as much room.

After returning from breakfast, our attendant changed my room back to seating and left Vicky’s with the beds down. The kids laid down and we sat in my room as we rolled through Pennsylvania and on into New York. We stepped off again in Buffalo.

We got a late lunch time of 1:30 and Vicky and I had hamburgers and the kids ate mac & cheese. After lunch, we did not have much more time on that train as we would soon arrive in Albany to catch our final train to Boston.

We got to Albany about 40 minutes early and watched them unload our luggage and put it on the next train in the pouring rain. I am was sitting there just hoping we would have something dry in them.

This is a pic of the train we got off (on the right) and the one we were getting on (left) for our final leg.

We boarded train 448 at about 4:00 and went to our seats in Business Class. This train is very short. It consists of 3 engines, 1 baggage car, 1 Café car that is half café half business class, then two additional coach cars. This is not an overnight train so no sleepers. I opted for business class because then you are guaranteed really nice seats and I knew by this time in our trip we would want to get some sleep.

We got to Boston early, around 9:30. We found our local trains and got to our hotel room and in bed before 11:00.

We got up early Saturday and left the hotel at 7:30. We traveled by train to Boston Long Wharf and got a harbor boat to Quincy, MA.

Right next to the boat stop in Quincy is the World War II era USS Salem. It is a heavy cruiser. We spent about an hour touring the boat.

We took the harbor boat back to Long Wharf where we grabbed some lunch at a famous local restaurant (McDonalds). We then grabbed another boat and road over to the Charleston Navy Yard. There we toured the USS Constitution, the oldest sailing ship in active duty.

The USS Cassin Young which is a WWII destroyer.

We also checked out the USS Constitution Museum.

After taking the boat back to Long Wharf, we rode the train back out to our hotel where we grabbed dinner at Fast Eddie’s Pizza & Subs (local color).

Boston Day 2 coming tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Chicago to Boston & Day 1

  1. I’m loving all the scoop! Glad you didn’t end up bussin’ it all the way to Boston–but I didn’t want to say that earlier just in case you had to do that 🙂 And you’ve gotta watch Stephen and Cupcake … even that sparkling apple cider might get to them!! Looking forward to the next update!

  2. The USS Constitution is a “sailing” ship? It is on active duty? Doing what????

  3. Looks like a lot of fun so far!!! I love all the pictures! Rest well and have a great day tomorrow! 🙂

  4. It looks like you all are having a BLAST and seeing a lot—sounds like you are eating pretty good, too. Craig, if Stephen had the hot dog, how do you know it was the best one you had seen? Do you “try food out first for them”??? Maybe that is what happened at the cheese and drinks tasting, too. Have a good time–it will be over too soon and time to plan another trip!!!! Love to you all.
    Pop-paw & Aw-Maw

  5. The Constitution is run and sailed by the US Navy. It is really just used for ceremonial stuff and is part of the proud heritage of the US Navy.

    Most of the time it is on display in Boston Harbor.

  6. It has been rather cloudy here off and on today and I keep checking Boston’s weather–I would hate for your ballgame to get rained on or OUT!!! The sun is out right now so maybe it will be nice for the game
    there. THAT WILL BE GREAT!!! I keep a look at your schedule and it looks like you are really filling your time with good “stuff”!!! I’m glad Michael did not get too close to that dinosaur!!! Love to all of you—

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