Day 2

The day started early for me. As most know, I am a train nerd. So I decided to stay up a good portion of the night to watch all the train switching going on. You might think that switching three cars from our train to another would be simple. However, you have to take into account that the two trains were facing opposite directions, the cars had to be in the same order and there is no where to turn the cars around. They had to be switched around without turning them around. It was interesting to watch and it kept me up until around 2:00AM.

Our first train on the left and our second on the right.

It was weird because when we got going again, our car was headed in the opposite direction.

Today has been a not so normal train day for us. Because we are in the same car and rooms for the whole trip, we really felt moved in. In fact, we have had the beds down for most of the day and just been relaxing (and catching up on sleep!)

We did get off a few times today. Here we were in Alpine, Tx.

And in El Paso…

And of course we went to the dining car three times…

And spent time hanging out together…

Michael got to meet Wyatt Earpe and Doc Holiday when we stopped in Tucson, AZ.

So now we are settling in for the night. We will arrive Los Angeles pretty early in the morning and then our LA Adventure begins.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like all is going well ! Better eat good on the train—you will not get that kind of service when you get off. Be safe in LA! Love to all .

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