Day 7

We did not have a whole lot planned for today. We started out going to the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is free!).




I don’t think I have ever mentioned that we have lots of pictures of Stephen with Flamingoes. Somehow, it started when he was young. Every time we saw flamingoes, we got a picture of him with them. Maybe all those pics will make a good video one day. Anyway, here is todays version…


After a quick lunch, we headed over to the Chicago Museum.





After that, we decided to take a quick ride out to see Wrigley Field. Would have gone to a game, but the Cubs were in Oakland.


Midway through the day today, I realized I had literally worn my shoes out from all the walking. Well, the shoes are several years old, but I wore some spots on the inside of each shoe that was quite uncomfortable. We found a Sports Authority but it was closed.


I may try to run by in the morning and see if I can find some shoes. We also happened across this cool McDonalds…


After dinner, we went back to the hotel. They were having a big fireworks show at the Navy Pier (do not ever go there on July 4th!) and we could see it from our hotel room.



So tomorrow we board our train back to Fort Worth. Doubtful I will get to post much before we return to Amarillo on Saturday. Maybe some quick updates. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Another day of fun and flamingos! Enjoyed the pictures. Have a great trip back. Love you all.

  2. We have enjoyed blog—-so much fun!!! Glad it was not steaming hot . I ‘be been praying about Vicky’s shingles. She has to have been hurting !! Safe travels on this stretch of train ride !! Love to all !!!

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