Day 6

We got to sleep in a little later this morning before heading out to Union Station.IMG_2036

Notice these stone steps worn down by millions of passengers…


We boarded a Metra train to get to the Brookfield Zoo.




This was hump-daaaaaaaay… (reference)


After the zoo, we rode the train back into town and swung by the hotel. While there, the skies opened and it started pouring. Fortunately, we were packing umbrellas. We still got fairly wet on the walk to the train, but not too bad. By the time we arrived at our stop, it had pretty much stopped. On the train, a lady told Stephen that her grandson whispered to her that Stephen looked like Justin Bieber.

The rain stopping was good cause we were going to a White Sox game.


The Stanley Cup made an appearance…


The White Sox lost to the Orioles. However, they ended the night with an awesome fireworks display.


While there was a lot of people getting on the El for the trip back, it was quite amazing how quickly we were back at our hotel. From the end of the fireworks to walking into our hotel room was maybe 40 minutes. Most of that was getting out of the ballpark to the El station.

Anyway, it is late now so I am signing off for tonight. Tomorrow is our last full day in Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Another fun day for you all. Wish you would send some of that rain down here! Have a good day tomorrow. Love to all.

  2. So much to see! So many memories. ! So much time together ! Enjoy your last day. Safe travels. Love to all!
    Looking good

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