Greenfield Village

Today was all Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford.

Train ride.

We took a ride in a horse drawn bus. Then a model T bus and while we were on that who walked by? Mo Rocca.

Turns out they were filming today for Innovation Nation which is a show I watch on Saturday mornings.

We happened upon him several time around the place.

And then we were able to get a pic with him.


We got to ride in some Model T’s

Stephen tried walking with some ducks.

This was a courthouse that Abraham Lincoln worked as a lawyer.

While we were watching some filming going on, a group of people walked up. I saw one guy who I thought looked like someone who would be famous, but I did not know who or take a picture. Found out later it was JJ Abrams. Yup, he was there.

It was a long, tiring day, but we loved it. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Detroit.

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