Arriving Dearborn

Our train got in to Dearborn at 11:50pm. We walked next door to our hotel and went to bed. We took the morning slow to catch up on sleep, but I did go at 8:30 to get our rental car. 

We checked out of that hotel at 11:30, got some lunch and then headed to the Motown Museum. No pics allowed inside but it was a fascinating tour. 

We then drove over to the Ford Piquette Avenue plant. This is the first place Ford built the model T. Interesting stuff. The best was us running into one of the board members who showed us a bunch of cool historical stuff and even some behind the scenes stuff. I think he could tell I was a history buff. 

So then we headed back to Dearborn and checked into our second hotel. The first was  a nessesity because of the late arrival, not one I would have normally picked. Not bad, but not great either. Anyway, our second hotel is much better and much more room. 

After a dinner at Panera, off to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play the Giants. 

We did not stay to then end but it was 5-4 Giants after seven. 

Back to the hotel and to bed to rest up for tomorrow.