Day 1

Here is a wrap-up up Saturday…

Due to tracks being washed out near Las Vegas, NV, Amtrak’s trains (#3 & #4) Southwest Chief could not get through. There solution is to stop the Eastbound train in Albuquerque and bus all passengers East to La Junta, CO. They then turned the Eastbound train around and it became the Westbound train. They stopped the Westbound train (the one we were suppose to be on) in La Junta, CO and bused all passengers to Albuquerque, then turned the train to make it the Eastbound train. Since our stop (Lamy, NM) was so close to Albuquerque, we just decided to drive to Albuquerque to catch the train.

The Westbound train we were suppose to be on left Chicago 4 hours late. That means the buses left La Junta late. The train that stopped in Albuquerque and became our Westbound train then sat around in Albuquerque a very long time. We were suppose to depart at 4:45 but the buses were nowhere close.

So we settled in for a 8 hour wait! The family was fantastic with no complaints.

They backed the train into the station around 4:00.


They allowed us to board the train at 4:15 and we also got to eat dinner at 5:30.


Buses started showing up around 6:30 and we finally pulled out of Albuquerque at 8:02pm.

We then hung out in our rooms enjoying being on the train.


Around 9:00, we converted our rooms to beds and everyone went to bed (except me cause I am typing this).


One thought on “Day 1

  1. I hope you are keeping up with your directions, It sounds like you could easily get on an eastbound expecting a westbound and going the wrong direction. Of course you could have gone both directions and come back—-JUST TO RIDE THE TRAIN.
    I K-N-O-W the fam just enjoyed the atmosphere of the trains and just had fun anticipating what they would ride next!!!
    HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING—should be interesting tying to get back home—–

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