First Day in LA

Let me begin by saying that riding coach overnight is quite an adventure in not sleeping. While the coach seats are superior to 1st class airlines, they are still not that great for sleeping. I am running on empty right now so this is going to be short.

We got on the train in Lamy and grabbed a couple of seats. We inquired about an onboard upgrade to sleeper but there were none, the train was sold out. So, we sat in the lounge and enjoyed the scenery. Here is a shot of dad at the Albuquerque station…

We went and ate dinner in the dining car at 6:00 and it was very good. Then after some more time in the lounge, we hit the sack, I mean seats. We reclined and did our best to sleep.

At around 2:00 in the morning, we were awakened. The conductors were attepting to throw off a passenger for not buying a ticket. He refused and while the conductor waited for the police, the guy went and hid somewhere on the train. They finally found him and the police took him away.

We got up early and ate breakfast in the dining car…

We arrived at LA Unions Station right on time at 8:15 AM.

We stowed our bags at the hotel and hung out until our first meeting with the group. We met at 12:15 and boarded a Metrolink commuter train.

We rode that for a couple of hours. After, Dad decided to go back to the hotel for some sleep, while I met several people from the group. We rode the Subway over to Universal City and had dinner.

Now, I am back at the hotel and very tired. So until tomorrow.

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  1. WOW! Drama on the train that is so cool! I didn’t know people did that anymore. Hope you guys are having a great time!

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