Day 4

We drove around a bit this morning in Hollywood. We all got a glimpse of the Hollywood sign. Then we headed over to the Lebrea Tar Pits.

Just FYI, Michael pulled out the selfie stick today so you will see some results of that in today’s post.

We then made the 30 minute drive down to Long Beach where we grabbed some lunch at Acapulco restaurant.

Then we headed over and toured the Battleship Iowa…

They had this really short basketball goal on the deck…

Isn’t she adorable!


Or am I the adorable one?

The USS Iowa took President Roosevelt to the Tehran Conference to meet with Churchill and Stalin. This was the bedroom he stayed in. They made several modifications for the President including cutting out a door, adding a large bathtub and building two temporary elevators.

We got done earlier than expected to we ran down to Cabrillo and stopped in the the aquarium.

Vicky and the boys saw a beach so they ran over there to dip their feet in the water.

So now we are in hotel #2 down in the Long Beach area. Need a good nights sleep so we can have another full day tomorrow!

Oh, and how about one more cute picture…

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  1. Good pics ! A lot to see !Glad you decided to take Baxter; he would have been lonesome !!!

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