Day 2 and 3

On Saturday, after a leisurely morning hanging at Caroline’s house, we headed off to the Fort Worth train station.



Our train was running late so we had some time to kill at the station.



Shortly after the Southbound train arrived, our train pulled into the station and we settled into our rooms.


After departing Fort Worth, the train made a stop in Dallas.


We, of course, enjoyed dinner in the dining car. The steak was fantastic!


After dinner, we all went to the lounge car and the boys played Monopoly on the iPad.


After hanging out a while in our rooms, we all turned in for the night.


We got up early Sunday morning to go to breakfast (6:30am!). French Toast all around.

By the time we got to St. Louis, we were only about an hour behind schedule.




Soon, we were pulling into Chicago and ready to get there.


After picking up our checked bags, we did something we have never done on any of our journeys. We took a Taxi. It made getting to our hotel a lot easier.

Our hotel has 27 floors and we are on the 16th floor. Great views. We can even see Lake Michigan.


After a quick run to CVS to buy some water bottles, we headed out to the one thing Vicky demanded we go to. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.


Then we stopped off in a local mall for some dinner. We went to some exotic Asian restaurant.


After dinner back to our hotel where the boys went for a quick swim up on the 27th floor pool. Then we all crashed. Got get our energy up for a big day tomorrow.


More tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 and 3

  1. Looking good so far !!! I hope you took care of that train–we will be needing it later! I know you are all zapped! Giving thanks for safety this far !
    It is strange- When Craig posts it goes to my FB . I think Vicky has her mama blocked or something. I have to search for her pics! I wonder how much she always hid from me????????????????????????????????????

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