Day 7

The day started on a Streetcar…


Then went to an underground MUNI train…


To get us to the San Francisco Zoo






After returning back to the hotel area, we had a late lunch. Then we chilled out in the hotel room for a while. We were all pretty tired and some rest was welcomed.

We traveled out to find some dinner and realized then how crowded the Fisherman’s Wharf area has become. Everything had very long lines and the areas transit was shut down. We walked around a while. Came upon a concert…


We finally decided to pick up a pizza from the place across the street from our hotel and we took it back to our room to eat.

Around 8:30, the boys and I ventured out to walk around and see all the interesting stuff going on. Close to 9:30 we climbed to the top of the parking garage next door and enjoyed a San Francisco fireworks show. They actually had two going on. The exact same show at the exact same time and we could easily see both. It was very impressive!


Now it is time to get packed up and ready to move out and begin the journey home. We leave early in the morning.

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  1. Looks like you had a full day with some unexpected interested things to enjoy. I like the boys new glasses!!

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