YouthWAVE Day 1

We spent a lot of the day in the Beto Center setting up the room for worship.

Michael called to wish me a happy fathers day. Then Stephen talked to mom on the phone.

We are having our first worship time tonight. We will be in here until at least 10:00. That is all for today.

2 thoughts on “YouthWAVE Day 1

  1. It looks better now than earlier!!! The pictures are smaller and seeable!! We just got back from our 3 1/2 mile walk and I turned CNN on and it seems as though Houston is about 1/2 flooded. I’m glad you all are not there any more.
    I hope I am doing this right now. I’m enjoying the pictures and words. Have a good trip

  2. Hey guys….glad all is going well. I am really tired today?!?! Call me tonight and fill me in about today. Love and Miss ya lots-Mom

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