Day 8 – A Complicated And Long Day

The day started at around 5:00am when we found out we would be arriving in Sacramento about 45 minutes early. The train arrived around 5:30, but since it was not leaving until 6:30 and our bus was not leaving until 7:50, we took our time getting off. We finally got off around 6:00 and went into the station to wait for our bus. Sacramento’s Amtrak station seems to be an old Southern Pacific station.



Our bus arrived on time and we had a short 50 minute ride to Stockton, CA.

In Stockton, we had to wait about 30 minutes for our San Joaquin train to arrive. When it did, fortunately, it was not very crowded and we got to all sit together at a table. We ended up teaching the boys to play Rummy and we all played that to pass the time. We also took a break to eat lunch. That train trip was about four hours.

Our train arrived into  Bakersfield, Ca where we got on another bus. This trip was a little over two hours. We all slept some. We arrived into Los Angles Union Station about two hours before our last train, the Southwest Chief, was to board. So we sat and waited some more. Michael and I walked around the station some…




Finally, our train came backing into the station…


We settled into our rooms. Stephen and I played checkers with an app for my phone. We also saw the place where they filmed some of the Transformers movie and Stephen was all excited…


Then we went to the dining car for a late dinner at 8:15.


Vicky and Stephen both joined me in getting the steak. It was their first time and I think they liked it. Michael had the big hot dog. This was our last dinner on the train for this year.

After dinner, we all pretty much went right to bed. It was dark out already so might as well go to sleep and then get up early when it is light out.

It was a LONG day.

Our last night on the train this year.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of transportation to meet but all were on time. Last dinner is always sad. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED!!

  2. I love those salads that we get at dinner, I love the two thousand island dressing!!!!

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