Day 4 London Trip

This morning we took the Tube into the city center and got our first look at London…

After a couple of quick phone calls…

We stopped in to the Churchill War Rooms. This is where much of World War II was directed. Far under ground…

Then we made a quick side trip to Victoria Station to grab some lunch…

Then off to Westminster Abbey. No pictures allowed inside, but it was quite cool. Extremely old stuff. Saw some painting on walls that were over 600 years old!

We stopped for a quick picture with the tower that holds Big Ben…

Yes, it is under all that scaffolding. We then went for a boat tour down the Thames, from Westminster to Greenwich…

We then went to a local burger joint in Greenwich (no, not McDonald’s this time)…

After dinner we walked UNDER the Thames through a tunnel…

We then rode the trains back to our VRBO, extremely tired. I think we are still dealing with a bit of jet lag. Hopefully tomorrow we will be fully adjusted.

Day 2 & 3 London Trip

Our first flight (DFW to Houston) did not leave until 5:30 so we stayed at our hotel until checkout time of noon. We grabbed some lunch at Whataburger then headed to the airport.

We had a few hours to kill at the airport so we rode the Skylink all the way around the airport.

Then we happened upon a little lounge that no one was using and had comfy seating.

Our flight to Houston left on time and landed early, however, there was no gate for us to pull in to so we sat in the plane on the ground for around 25 minutes.

That made the connection to our London flight a little closer than expected so we went straight to the gate and waited. The flight was delayed leaving, so we ended up not eating dinner until after 9:00pm on the plane. The next nine hours were a blur of watching movies and dozing. I really did not sleep much at all. We landed at London Heathrow around 12:00 noon London time. After clearing customs and collecting our bags, we headed down to the tube. Took us 4 trains to get to our VRBO, but we made it and the place is really nice.

It was around 3:00pm and we had not eaten anything since a light breakfast on the plane so we walked down the street to a local place whose speciality is something called a Big Mac.

Then we took a bus to a supermarket and got some some groceries. Then the bus back to the VRBO.

Now, we are pretty zonked and I am thankful I did not plan anything for us to do today other than get settled in. it is 6:30pm here and I am ready to go to bed.

Tomorrow, we jump in to exploring this city!

Day 1 London Trip

No, no London yet. Today we packed up the car and left our little Bax…

We drove to Fort Worth and checked in to our hotel. We met our friend Caroline for dinner and had a good time catching up.

Then we hit a local escape room. It was fittingly Harry Potter themed. We escaped.


Our flight from DFW does not leave until tomorrow afternoon so we will hang at the hotel until noon, grab lunch then to the airport.

2019 London

The Mashburns are headed out again on another epic adventure. We will be going further than ever before to visit London. This trip is bigger this year (i.e. more expensive) because it is Michael’s senior trip. We are excited to get going and will post daily here with our activities.

Here is our itinerary…

  • 7/2 – Depart Amarillo for Fort Worth to spend the night
  • 7/3 – Depart DFW airport for London
  • 7/4 – Arrive in London and get settled in
  • 7/5-7/9 – Explore London
  • 7/10 – Depart London for DFW
  • 7/11 – Drive back to Amarillo

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Day 12 – 2018 Vacation

This is what most of today consisted of…

We are now home and getting settled back into to home. This little guy was happy to see us.

This trip included 5 states, 5 hotels and almost 2500 miles of driving by me. It was fun, relaxing and recharging. It is good to be home.

Also, I cannot wait to get to go to another Indycar race.

Thanks for following along.