Day 3

Today was pretty straightforward and simple… SeaWorld



Shark Tank

Beluga Whales

The boys decided to end the day getting wet on a ride.

Before getting wet…

After getting wet…

SeaWorld was very cool. Great place to spend a day and plenty to do. Course, food prices are crazy high as well as everything else they sell. We bought the Go San Diego cards so it was included.

More tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Michael does not want to turn his back on the whales??????????????
    Beautiful pic !!!
    These animals make me think that our God has a real sense of humor??? Talk about imagination!!!!!

  2. Think this is a must visit for me and jakin this august. The clincher would be if Shark-boy lives there. Lava-girl is optional.

  3. Really enjoy your blog! Being in SanDiego brings back memories of when we lived out there and going to the SanDiego Zoo! I am sure things have changed some since 1987! Have fun ya’ll.

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