Started ealy again today leaving the hotel 8:00 to head to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. Here is a pic of a cool thing in Chinatown I snapped on our way to the metro…


We had to transfer to a local bus to get to Mount Vernon. We had some time to kill…

Here is the front of the mansion. They are doing a lot of work on it so it does not look in the best of shape on the outside.

Here is Washington’s tomb…

After, we stopped of in Pentagon City for lunch at a mall. Then on to Arlington Cemetery.
JFK’s tomb and eternal flame…

Then there was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…
And the changing of the guard…

In Arlington Cemetery is General Lee’s house. this huge tree was next to it…

The quote of the day came during the tour. There is a Confederate section of the cemetery. The headstones have points on the top instead of just curved. That is so "No d**** Yankees can sit on ’em."

We then went to the Vietnam Memorial. Here are a couple of pics for Donna…

And for Mom & Dad…

We swung by the White House for a couple of pics since we could not take a camera yesterday…

Then back to the metro to dinner and hotel. We are pooped and going to bed early. More tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. It looks like you are having a lot of fun! Did not hear anything on the news about anyone being in the wrong part of the White House. (Guess that means Michael did not take off to the wrong wing. HA HA) Enjoy your trip! I am enjoying the pictures!

  2. So I’m getting tired just reading about everything that ya’ll are doing. Pretty sure you’re going to need to take another vacation to recover and sleep. Glad to see that Stephen is sporting the YouthWAVE shirt. Is the YouthWAVE fairy visiting his room every night? I’m sure that little Cupcake is missing me tons–tell him to not worry, he’ll get plenty of hugs and kisses when he gets back home. Be safe and have a great time!! Ohhh–Vicky–Ellee asked me to tell you that she can’t wait to love on you again.

  3. Three cheers for General Lee and the Reb’s pointed headstones. Yaaahooo…the south shall rise again!!

    Thanks for the pix from The Wall of my good friend Dan Dennis. I remember sitting in the library at Lamar University and talking with him as he was planning on joining the Marines. He knew I had been through it and was asking questions about the Corps. He was having trouble adjusting to college and was not doing well in his studies and had decided a stint in the service might be the answer. Unfortunately that was a brave but final decision. As I remember, Jean and I were on the campus of Harding, for some reason, when we heard that he had been killed by a chest wound. Some Marine buddies and I were honorary pallbearers at his funeral. Sad day.

  4. Well, your time is almost over. I know you will have a lot to tell and show when you get back and we are anxious to hear all of it. I know you are a “GOOD” tired but you’ll be in a rut again before you know it. I don’t remember exactly when you are getting home but I know it will be too soon for all of you. Any last minute things you mean to do better be done in a hurry now I guess. Have a good trip home. Craig, don’t go to sleep on the way home—you might miss something. You’d have to stay awake if you were driving anyway!!!!!!!!!!

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