Well, got word a little while ago that we will indeed be on a bus from Lamy to Albuquerque. I realize that is not too bad, about an hour and a half train time turned into bus time.

However, I will be missing one of my favorite things in train travel. That is waiting for the train to arrive. I just love sitting at the station in anticipation. Waiting to hear the train horn in the distance and finally seeing the train coming around the bend. There is nothing like that in any other form of transportation.

The train will already be sitting at the station when we get to Albuquerque. So we will miss out on that this year. Going to San Diego we will begin and end the trip on a bus.


2 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. Well, I guess you can anticipate seeing the train when arriving in Albuquerque!!! You will all be together heading for a train so relax and enjoy!!!!!

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