San Diego 2010

The Mashburns are again headed out on a family vacation. This year we are going West coast to San Diego. Once again I will do a blog during our trip and hope you enjoy it. Here is our itinerary…

Saturday, June 26th – Drive to Lamy, NM and catch the Southwest Chief train to Los Angeles.

Sunday, June 27th – Arrive in Los Angeles and board a Surfliner train headed towards San Diego.

Sunday, June 27 – Friday July 2 – Enjoy San Diego

Friday, July 2nd – Board the Surfliner train back to Los Angeles, in LA, board the Southwest Chief.

Saturday, July 3rd – Arrive back in Lamy and drive home to Amarillo.

Couple of last minute issues. Amtrak called and said due to track work being done, the Surfliner going LA to San Diego will be stopped in Irvine and we will be on a bus the rest of the way. Oh, well.

Second BIG issue is there has apparently been some track washed out East of Lamy and the Southwest Chief will be temporarily rerouted through AMARILLO for a few days. This might sound like good news, but we cannot board the train in Amarillo and we would need our car to be in Lamy when we return. If they cannot get repairs done before Saturday, most likely we will be on a bus from Lamy to Albuquerque. I really hate to miss the experience of waiting on our train to arrive in Lamy. We will see what happens.

I hope to have some little blog posts while aboard the trains and even possibly some video. I will then follow up with daily reports.

I hope you enjoy and will follow us on this adventure.

Also, a big “Thank you!” goes out to our good friend James for house sitting for us.

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  1. Makes me want to get our lifetime Amtrack passes out and dust them off. Have a great trip.

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