We are in DC

We arrived to Washington DC Union Station around 2:15. About two hours late.

After waiting for our luggage, we hopped on a Circulator bus and went straight to the hotel. It is a nice big room with a king bed and a couch hide-a-bed.

After checking in, we took a quick trip to the mall area. We do not have a car here so we are depending totally on public transportation. Primarily the Metro. The Metro is a light rail system. It is underground in DC and above ground outside the District.



After, we rode the Metro (subway) to Union Station for dinner at some hamburger joint. We hopped on the circulator back to our hotel for the night. I was suffering a real bad headache. After a couple of short sleep nights, I was out quick. We all slept great.

One thought on “We are in DC

  1. Did you read the Lincoln Memorial speech engraved on the wall? Dude, I remember it being like 3/4ths about God and His sovereignty and unchangeability and how we as a nation must take advantage of His stability to find ours. You won’t see many presidential speeches in our lifetime worthy of timeless engraving into stone for posterity to read!

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