New York Wrap-Up

Thought I would make one more post to wrap things up.

This was a great trip. I feel honored to have been able to take this trip, especially with my family.

As last year, I still struggle with really appreciating being in a place like New York. I mean, I am there, but how do you truly appreciate the fact you are in New York. You can go places and enjoy the city, but something seems missing. Maybe it is something that can not be had without actually living in a place.

New York life is totally different than what I have ever known. Things like being able to live without a car and walking or using the subway and trains to get everywhere. It is awesome to get a small feel for a different way of living.

As always, the train travel was awesome. Nothing like sitting back and watching the country go by your window. You just cannot get the same experience from flying. We went through 15 states and the District of Columbia on this trip.

That is all for this trip. Thank you all for sharing it with us. There is something cool about knowing people are keeping track of us.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “New York Wrap-Up

  1. OK, I think it is our turn to plan another one!!! We are so glad that your family has something to do that all of you enjoy. The time you spend together is worth as much as the trip. Thanks for making it so we could travel with you on this blog—of course if you hadn’t, I’d have been calling to see where you were and what you were doing!!!!— YOU would really have appreciatd that I know. I’ve shared the blog with some friends and we talk about it like we were there, too. We’ll be looking for more details the end of the month and we re looking forward to it.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your trip. It looked like you saw a lot of amazing things (good planning on someone’s part). And I’m thankful we didn’t have any huge computer issues in the office while you were gone. =) Glad you are all home safely.

  3. Thanks for sharing it with us! Brings back the times I have been there in New York over the years. Devin was 7, Lanae 4 and Breann on my back in a carrier when we rode the subways, went to the Statue of Liberty and at that time were able to be at the bottom of the World Trade Center. Lots of memories!!! Thanks again for sharing.

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