We’re Back!

Well, hello there. It has been a while.

The Mashburn’s are taking off on another adventure. I debated if I would do the blog for this trip. Decided I would do one more since this may be our last full family trip. This trip was suppose to happen back in 2020, but we all know how that year went. Since then, Stephen has gotten married and Michael has graduated college and working full time. I was fearful that there was no way we could coordinate 5 peoples schedules to do another trip together, but it worked!

We are headed back to New York! We went back in 2009 so it has been a while. The big difference now is there will be five of us! Our awesome daughter-in-law, Shania, will be going with us. They say you never really know someone until you travel with them, so hopefully she will still like us when this is over.

Here is our plan…

  • Saturday, April 15 – Drive to Dallas and spend the night
  • Sunday, April 16 – Fly to New York City
  • Monday-Thursday – Explore New York City
  • Friday, April 21 – Depart Penn Station on Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited
  • Saturday, April 22 – Arrive Chicago Union Station, change trains to the Texas Limited
  • Sunday, April 23 – Arrive back in Dallas and drive back to Amarillo

We are only doing the train one way to save time. In the one week that we had, would not have left enough time in New York.

No idea if the email notifications will work now. It has been years. Hopefully!

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