Day 9 & 10 London trip

Yesterday was quite the day. Our first flight was suppose to be from London City Airport to Edinburgh, then to Washington DC then to DFW. We got up early and left for the airport (on the opposite side of London) at 6:15am. We get to the airport to find out the first flight was canceled. No problem, they put on on an earlier flight. We get to the gate and they tell us the flight is over weight (it was a propeller plane) so we do not get on that flight. Get our checked bags back and head to the check-in desk. They put us on another United flight,  but it leaves from Heathrow on the other side of town! So they paid for a cab to take us. It took over two hours cause they do not have freeways so we had to drive on regular streets right through the heart of London. This drive also made me glad I did not have to drive in London. There are just so many unique things they do, not to mention being on the wrong side of the road.

Well, because we took so long, we missed that United flight. United said they did not have anything until maybe the next day. So we went to the Flybe airline desk (they were the airline that canceled our flight). They kept looking and looking, made a phone call and got us on a direct to DFW American flight. Oh, and it was in BUSINESS CLASS which are little pods with lay flat seats!

Oh, it was at a different terminal so we had to hike to that with all of our luggage. After getting checked in with American, the agent said we could go to the Admiral Club and wait for our flight. (because we were in business class). It was awesome. We were able to eat a full meal in there since it was now around 2:00pm and we had not eaten since before 6:15am. Then we went to our flight to enjoy the awesome seats.


It was as enjoyable as a flight could be. We were fed like kings. I ended up not sleeping at all. Really never wanted to and I thought it would help with the jet lag to just wait.

After landing, we took a shuttle to terminal C where we parked the car. If you have ever seen the Seinfeld episode where they cannot find their car in the parking garage, that was us. For around 30 minutes in the heat and humidity and hauling our luggage, we searched and searched for our car. Finally, we realized we had departed and parked at Terminal E. So back to the shuttle and straight to the car. I felt stupid.

We then went to a hotel and spent the night. I slept well. Up this morning and drove back to Amarillo.

This was not a relaxing vacation. Every day was pretty tiring and some were downright exhausting. We may never go back to London so we knew we had to see everything we wanted to see and knew that would take lots of energy. We were happy to do it. It was a good trip and we are blessed we were able to go. London is a cool city to visit and we enjoyed meeting many Brits.

Until next time.

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  1. Welcome home. Glad you had a fun, but tiring, trip. Enjoyed following along! Love to all.

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