Trains, Planes and Automobiles III

It is now the first morning after our first night spent on the train. Everyone except myself slept well. I did not sleep well by choice. I had planned to close my window curtains and snooze all night but I could not make myself. America was passing by out that window and I didn’t want to miss it. Every time we stopped, I would get up and look out at the town. Places like Elkhart, Indiana where I saw a bunch of women dressed in some sort of traditional head dress (kinda Amish looking, but they were not). Toledo, Ohio, home of Max Klinger. There was also a large bridge there all lit up spanning some river. We also went through Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Needless to say, I am kinda sleepy right now but I am content. I did sleep some between stops.

We all got up and had breakfast in the dining car. The Railroad French Toast is great, by the way.

Our next stop is in Cumberland, Maryland (we will be zigzagging back and forth over the Maryland/West Virginia border for the rest of the trip. I hope to step off and get some good shots of our train.