Trains, Planes & Automobiles II

After hanging out in the lounge for a few hours…


We finally got called to board our train around 5:00. Took several pics while walking up to the train…



We got settled in our two rooms…



It turned out we were going to have a late start because they were waiting for a late arrival of the Texas Eagle. They had connecting passengers. We made dinner reservations in the dining car for 6:45. I wanted to make sure we were actually moving while we had dinner. I did not want to be sitting in the station (I wanted the full experience of train dining). Our departure kept getting later and later. Finally, at 6:35, we pulled out of Chicago’s Union Station. Right after, we went to the dinner to have dinner. Dinner is included in the price of the sleeper rooms so we did not have to pay anything. I had Braised Beef with rice. Vicky had a Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. Stephen had mac & cheese and Michael had a hot dog. It also came with salads and dinner rolls. It was all pretty good. We also got dessert. I had cheesecake and everyone else had chocolate cake.



We went for a very short trip to the sightseer lounge. This is a public car with large viewing windows. We staid long enough to take this pic…


We returned to our rooms and our car attendant Jon made the beds in our rooms. Everyone is down now except me (it is only 8:30) but we started this day very early, so I am going down now too.

More tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Trains, Planes & Automobiles II

  1. I left a message (somewhere earlier which really amounted to nothing but I hope you got it and not somebody else. I don’t see the messages from before so I assume you just updated the pictures which were great and YOUR comments on them. Have a good trip———–

  2. Hi guys!
    Looks like you’re all having a great time. This blog is a good idea. Be careful and don’t loose any of the kids while you’re running from one place to another. Tell Vicky, Stephen and Michael I said hi. The pictures you’re taking are terrific. You guys be careful and enjoy your trip. Godspeed! Misty

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