Today was a long, fun, yet simple day. It was all about riding trains and hanging out with new friends.

We started to day at Union Station at 8:30 where we caught a Surfliner train to San Diego.

We arrived in San Diego around 11:30.

We ate lunch nearby and then spent the afternoon riding the local trolley system. That included a line that took us right up to the Mexico border.

We then boarded a return Surfliner back to LA.

The last hour of the return trip was a great time with several of us talking trains.

Tomorrow, something special before we board the Southwest Chief back to Lamy at 6:15 pm. Not sure if I will get to post again before we return to Amarillo. We shall see.

3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. What fun! Friday night I went to the airport to met the 40 WWII veterans return from Washington DC. Vernon Alexander and Bill McMorries were among the 40 veterans. some said the 63 small American flags tied with names and block/line of fallen Vietnam heroes to place at The Wall was the highlight of the trip. Others said it was awesome.
    You’ve been with a group of “train” lovers. The travels sound so exciting. love Donna

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