LA Trip With My Dad

My Dad and I are hopping on Amtrak for a quick trip to Los Angeles. A group of Amtrak fans I am a part of are having a get together and I thought this would be a great opportunity for my Dad and I to ride a train together.

We are getting on in Lamy, NM on October 9th. We are going coach to save money so this will be my first overnight not in a sleeper.

In LA we will be riding trains with my group. (what else do you expect from a bunch of railfans?) We will board the train back to Lamy on Sunday.

Hopefully, I can update this blog with pics during this trip.

4 thoughts on “LA Trip With My Dad

  1. Sounds like fun. Greg and I just got back from Conn. We did a small train ride in Boston. I love the trains too. Sounds like you will have a great time.

  2. Craig-Happy to hear about your trip with your Dad. Jo Mary and I are train fans also and planning an extended train trip across the North country (Maybe to Polar bear country) in the next few years. Sounds like you had wonderful time, Keep us in the loop.
    As ever,FR

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