Day 8

We finally got to start a day a little later after a couple of very tiring days. We packed up the rental car and checked out of our hotel. We stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast.

Then we got to experiance something we had so far been able to avoid. Los Angeles traffic. Having lived most of my life in Houston, I am not really nervous driving in it. Fun fun.

We then arrived at the LA Zoo…

And of course, Stephen’s picture with the flamingos.


 Then we had some time to kill so we stopped by a rail place called Travel Town…

Then we drove up to the Griffith Park Observatory…  (notice the Hollywood sign in the background)

We went back to Union Station to return the rental car. Problem was the car place closes at 5 and our train does not leave until 10. So after checking into the lounge, we walked over to Philippe’s and had a french dip sandwich for dinner.

Then back to Union Station to wait…

We will board our train and go straight to bed so that is all for tonight.


One thought on “Day 8

  1. I guess you all were ready for your train beds last night. Headed home for Independence Day and a lot of memories !

    Thanks for sharing with us !! HAPPY RAILS AGAIN !!

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