Day 9 Washington DC

Once again we got up early for breakfast at 6:30. After an okay breakfast, back to the rooms where everyone crashed again (except me, cause I don’t want to miss anything).

At Indianapolis, we were only an hour late so not too bad. We will see if we can make up some time into Chicago.

Around 11:00, sure enough we pulled into Chicago Union Station. We went directly to the sleeper passenger lounge and staked out a corner. At 12:00, Stephen and I walked down the street to Giardano’s Pizza where I had ordered a deep dish pizza while we were still on the train! It was hot, ready and HEAVY when we got there and we quickly walked back to the station to devour it.

Then we just killed time until around 2:00 when we got to board The Southwest Chief back to Lamy.

So far, this has been our best train of the trip. Great train equipment and a GREAT crew. No better way to end a vacation.


If you look in the windows, you can just make out Vicky and Michael.

Couple of hours after departure, we all had steak for dinner. Again, it was the best this trip.

After dinner, hang out time.

After dark, we all turned in for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, our trip will end.


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  1. Nice pictures. The steak looked delicious! Glad this train is making the end of the trip so enjoyable! Thanks for letting me ride virtually along. Love to all!

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