Day 8 Washington DC

Again today we did not have to start out too early. Our train was not scheduled to depart until 11:05. We left our hotel around 9:00 and took a DC Circulator bus straight to Washington Union Station. Wouldn’t you know, the day we leave is a VERY comfortable day weather-wise. It was 73 and breezy after 4 days of sweltering high humidity heat. Oh well.

Once there, we checked our two big bags and went to the sleeper lounge to wait for our train.

Nice place to wait. Free soft drinks and they even had some packaged snacks.

Our train was coming from New York and ran into delays before it reached Baltimore so it was late arriving. We were ble to board around 11:30. This train is named the Cardinal. Here is the route…

This is a single level train, unlike most of the trains we have ridden. The sleepers are quite different. The real cool feature is the upper bunks have their own windows so the boys really like hanging up there.

There is also a nook over the hallway that Michael somehow crawled into.

At noon, we went to the “dining car” for lunch. I put that in quotes because this train does not carry a regualr dining car. The car is both the dining car and the lounge car, and does not do either very well. There is no kitchen so all the meals are reheated stuff and there is only one person to serve and “cook”.

After lunch, back to our rooms to hang and watch America go by our windows.

At 5, we went and ate dinner. We were running about and hour and a half late.

After dinner, we sat together and enjoyed the beautiful view of the New River Gorge. And now we are going to turn in. Until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 Washington DC

  1. Nice pixs. Cool that you are taking a different train to Chi this trip. Have fun. Love to all.

  2. Headed home–another train trip almost over. So many memories, so much fun ! Waiting to see Baxter and I know he will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ! thanking GOD for safety through out trip. Learning about the history of our country. Safe travels on to Amarillo. BTW–Amarillo was featured on WHAT WOULD YOU DO last night ! Happy trails–

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