Day 7 Washington DC

We slept in a little this morning because the museums do not open until 10. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum.


We posed with some “augmented reality” dinosaurs…



Then we headed over to the American History Museum.

Dorothy’s Ruby slippers…


Abe’s top hat…


We looked and looked and we were happy to find the friend Michael made back in 2006…

img-1139  IMG_3183

For some reason, she has not seem to have grown much.

Part of the Berlin Wall…


We grabbed a quick lunch at the cafeteria at the museum (which was majorly expensive!). After that, we went to the the National Archives. They do not allow pictures anymore so allow me to show the ones we took in 2006…



For those of you going to DC, be sure to get timed entrance tickets. You DO NOT want to wait in the line with the people without them. It is long and in the sun. Fortunately, I got our tickets online before.

it was off to the Air & Space Museum.

img-1061  IMG_3187



I then wanted to run back over to the American History to see a couple of things we did not have time for (had to be at the Archives by 1:00). While walking there, some rain was heading in.



After, we went back to the mall for dinner and then back to the hotel.

All of us are tired and sore. So much walking. We are going to need our train ride for recuperation.

Tomorrow we leave DC. Our train leaves Union Station at 11:05am. We will be on a train we have never ridden before so it should be interesting.

Hopefully, I will be able to make a post tomorrow night from the train.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 Washington DC

  1. It has been fun trying to keep up with you! Loved your pics and comparisons! I did not know Union Station was in DC and Chicago both! I thought you were going tho miss your train. LOL
    Hope your trip home goes well MORE MEMORIES. FOR A LIFE TIME
    Love to all

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