Day 6 Washington DC

Another early morning this morning. Michael decided to have breakfast in bed.


Then we rode Metro way out to Huntington where while we were waiting for a connecting bus, another retake…

IMG_3134  IMG_3138

Then we took the bus to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.

img-1145  IMG_3143

George Washington’s tomb…



We then returned to the DC area and went to the mall again for lunch. Then we headed to Ford’s Theater…


img-1184  IMG_3155

We then took a vote and decided to head back to the hotel for a few hours of R & R. After another dinner from Five Guys, we walked two blocks to the Washington Nationals ballpark.


We have been to baseball games all over the country. This was the absolute hottest, humid and miserable weather we have encountered. Vicky and Michael only made it for about 4 innings before they went back to the hotel. Stephen and I walked around the rest of the game.


After the game, we went back to our seats and enjoyed the Marine Silent Drill Platoon again!


And then fireworks!


Only one more day here. Bad news is we have a lot to fit in. The good news is they are all INDOORS.

Until tomorrow.