Day 3–Washington DC

The day started early again with breakfast in the dining car at 6:30. Railroad French Toast!

Our train was running about two hours behind schedule when we woke up. We made a stop in Cumberland where we (very quickly) attempted to recreate a picture from 2006…

IMG_2941  IMG_2944

Right after we departed Cumberland, we noticed the electricity was out in our sleeper car. The train soon stopped and thus started a several hour stoppage.

It turns out the power cable on the first passenger car failed, and thus blocked power to the rest of the train. It was decided to take the first car and the baggage car off the front and place them on the rear of the train where they would not cause problems. So we were without power and air conditioning for about an hour. Overall, we lost about 5 hours total.

The two cars on the rear…


We got to DC around 6:00. After getting our checked bags,


We took off on the Metro and went to our hotel.


It is a very nice room.


We then ran around the corner to 5 Guys for a quick bite and then back to the hotel to get some rest for tomorrow. We had planned to do a few things today in DC, but we will have to fit them in on another day.

Tomorrow, DC begins.

Oh yeah, today was my birthday. Nothing like waking up on a train and going to bed in DC for my birthday. And even better, being with my family.

3 thoughts on “Day 3–Washington DC

  1. Glad you made it to the hotel today AND that you got your train French toast on your birthday!!!! Looks like a great room—-nice you don’t have to climb stars to your room. LOL.
    Hope the weather is great for your week and your schedule stays in tact
    Love to all????????????????????????????????????

  2. Glad you made it. Have a great time in DC. Looking forward to following along. Love to all!

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