Day 6

Well, today was our last day on our vacation. We decided to take it a little easy. We started the day late, around 11:00 and went to the Colorado Railroad Museum. We saw a bunch of cool train stuff (in case you have not noticed, I am a train person). Queue the pictures…







After returning from the museum, we hit Benihana’s for lunch right next door to our hotel. We then headed out to the big tent downtown to attend Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo.


This is my third Cirque show and as usual, it was stinkin incredible. It is amazing what these performers can do, and never see any mistakes. If you have not been to a traveling Cirque show, you really should. You will not be disappointed.

We will be checking out in the morning and heading back to A-town. We went through New Mexico on the way here. I decided to go 287 going back which will take us through the Oklahoma panhandle instead.

I will make one more post concerning this trip when we get back tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. GREAT train pictures. I have been to that railroad museum and it has some nice exhibits. Glad you got to visit there.

    Who is that ‘Brian Person’ asking if we are train buffs???????? LOL

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