Day 9

We started the day early with breakfast at 6:30. As usual, we all had French toast. After breakfast, we hung out in our rooms. for the rest of the morning.


The train made a stop in Longview, Texas where we got to step off. Here is Stephen trying to stare into the sun next to our sleeper on the rear of the train.


Before we knew it, we were stopping in Dallas. We again had a chance to step off.


We went to the dining car for a quick lunch before we pulled into Fort Worth. By the time we finished our desserts, the train was backing into the station. We got off a little sad knowing it would be at least a year before we would be able to ride again. Once we got our bags, we waiting for our good friend Caroline to pick us up. The train was 45 minutes early!


After a short stay at Caroline’s, back in the truck for the long drive home. We pulled in the garage a little before 8:00pm. Of course, Vicky went right to unpacking and laundry!


So that concludes this years journey. I really enjoyed Chicago. I enjoyed being in a hotel downtown and really feeling like we lived there for a week. By the end, I was really getting the hang of getting around on the CTA.

However, the most important thing and the main reason we save our money for these trips is the time we have together making memories and growing closer as a family. For 2013, mission accomplished.

Until next time. Thanks for sharing.

5 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Cracking up at that last picture where it looks like y’all have been waiting two hours for me to get there. LOL!

  2. Glad you made it safe and sound!!! Always a little “down”. After looking forward and then it is over. I pray Vicky’s shingles are well on the way to being gone. Love to all. LOTS OF MEMORIES——

  3. Welcome home! You were all missed!!!

    And now, Craig, you are even better trained to coach me and Jakin for our trip to Chicago in a month.

    (And nice try, Caroline, acting like you weren’t two hours late.)

  4. Glad you all are home safe and sound. I enjoyed following along through your pics and narration. I’m glad for the memories you all made! Love to all.

  5. Thanks for keeping us informed of your adventures! It is always great to see you guys enjoying yourselves. Keep us on your list, I look forward to it! Many people have seen your “movie” and everyone we show it to loves it! Great job!

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